Times is Busy

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Its been a jammed up week or so.  Rehearsing marching bands all last week as they prepared for their first competitions, with a long Saturday in Spartanburg, SC judging a show, and the brass band performing at Edenton St. UMC Sunday morning seemed to keep things rolling along.  It has been a pretty good week, though.  I really enjoyed the judging gig in SC.  Saw some really good bands and I felt like I got the scores right, with the correct spreads.  Hope everyone was happy with it, and my comments were useful.

The brass band played well in church and was very well received.  Hopefully some people who saw us will attend some of our concerts in the future.  We will play a concert at Edenton St. UMC in May, so maybe this will help with that.  We start rehearsals for our next concert in November this week.  We are using a lot of subs.  Its such a busy month.

Jonathan made a quintet website.  Its my turn to do a blog post for the quintet, and I am struggling to find the time to do it.  I have to get into that soon.  There is a trumpet post and horn post, so keep an eye on the quintet site for more brass tips.

The Sound Sport thing is beginning to pick up steam.  We now have our website up and running and have already begun getting interest from potential members.  It will be in the planning stages for a couple months, but we will look to hold auditions in April and we will rehearse and perform in June and July.  I will be building a team of staff soon, and will be announcing things on our website and facebook page.

This weekend will be busy with judging and football, and a lot of marching band this week getting better for this weeks shows.  So far, I am pleased with how the bands I work with are progressing.  

Until next update…