Brass and Organ

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Just had a really nice night.  The newly formed Boylan Bridge Brass had our first big public performance as a part of the Edenton Street Live series at Edenton St. UMC in Raleigh tonight.  The crowd was really awesome.  I heard it was over 300, which they say may be the biggest audience yet for the series.  I was not expecting that.  It was cool to see some students and young brass players there, as well as some friends.  This begins our residency at ESUMC which will be really cool to be a part of, and if they keep getting audiences of that size, will be a lot of exposure for the group too.

Went out to the Boylan Brew Pub after the gig and the Boylan Bridge Brass hung out at the Boylan Brew Pub.  Three months ago I doubt I would have even gone out after the concert, but it was a lot of fun to hang out tonight.  Enough for me to at least write about how nice an evening it was tonight.  I really am looking forward to more positive and enjoyable things in the future.  More to come…