Strange Day Already?

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I am not sure why, but I woke up at 5:30 AM and could not get back to sleep.  I did have a bit of a scratchy throat, which is also strange for this time of year.  I did use the extra time wisely.  I caught up on some TBB Board stuff that I let go too long and I feel bad about.  It’s also been a few days since I put some time in on selecting repertoire for the TBB season.  Here is a little bit about that process…

I am used to planning the entire season out because we did a season long program.  We are doing it differently this year with separate programs for each show.  Now there is not as much pressure to have each concert exactly planned, but for advertising reasons, I still need to have it mostly planned out.  The biggest part of this process for me is just thinking.  I start out with a list of tunes I want to play. This year, I asked band members to give me a list of tunes THEY wanted to play, so that is where I started.  I look at what the different concert venues and audiences might be, and try to fit rep in the appropriate way.  I set it aside for a while and think.  And Listen to youtube and search for things.

Today, I made a huge leap forward in planning the rep.  I went from about 25% to 75% complete.  Thats pretty good for now, and a huge chunk is pretty set.  Top priority right now is getting our first two concerts set, then I can let the rest marinate a little before I have to decide for sure.  This is a fun and creative process, but it gets difficult at times.  I am getting really close to needing to rethink how I program completely.  Not sure what that means right now, but I am going to be working on that all year.