Planning Update

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This week I am spending a little time on the road driving to Campbell University to teach brass sectionals.  It gives me a little time to think and ponder how the season is going to look for the brass band.  Mostly, I can work things out in my head about music to play and when to play it.  Currently, I am not overly thrilled about the line up for the season, but I am confident I will work through it.  I would estimate I am only about 10% sure about what we will do.

There are other things going on as well.  A few of us are kicking around ideas for the solo competition we are starting up this season.  We should be ready to announce that soon, and it should be a great opportunity for some young brass players.

I took a quick trip to Greensboro to hang out with some friends and the conversations were very helpful.  Some ideas where floated around that were not on my radar screen.  Its so very obvious that there is a whole side of this thing that I am NO GOOD at.  A friend and local weatherman Greg Fishel always talks about being in sales, not production with his weather reports…Well, I am the other way.  I am in production, not sales when it comes to this brass band.  I do need to get better at the Sales.  I am working on it, as well has so many things that can help me in this area.

So, at this point, there is mostly a lot of pondering about music going on.  I have a list of tunes to do, but where to do them and how to make it interesting to the band and audiences…gotta figure that out.