Dead Zone

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A big part of my life is working for the Triangle Brass Band.  Until recently, I have been running two brass bands, the Adult band and the Youth band… both bands for the last 5 years and the youth band alone for 8 years before that.  While this particular time of year is very slow work wise, it does afford me the chance to plan the upcoming brass band season.  Although I have already taken care of a lot of the planning for the youth bands for next year (with the help of the new Director, Jesse), there is much to do before November and t is a huge relief to not be the one doing it.  I will have more time to focus on other things like playing the tuba and planning for the adult band.

In a few days I will start up with weeks of marching band camps.  It is always a neat time of year because the work I do in the next month will lay the groundwork for the entire marching band season.  Getting a good start is important to these programs to ensure a smooth season.  While I am working with the brass sections, and teaching some lessons at home, I am also working to put nearly a dozen brass band concerts together.  This will require a substantial amount of literature, and a bit of research to come up with interesting programs for the band and our audiences.

The program the gives me the most trouble…Holiday music!!!  The December Holiday concert is driving me nutzo.  For one, I am not a huge fan of christmas music.  Two, there is only so much music available to do, and we have done it already, so it is hard to keep the interest of the band playing the same stuff from year to year.  Very Limiting!!!  I will get it all figured out, but this is the most challenging show to piece together.

Some of the fun parts are collaborating with soloists, and working with them to find solos they can play with the band.  Over the years, I have to admit, it has been a lot of fun working with the guest artists we have invited to perform with us.  really, its the best thing about this gig.  I am really looking forward to this season as we will feature a local musician who has been on the music scene here in NC for decades, and is one of the most respected trumpet players in NC.  Tim Stewart.  We will also be inviting our good friend Demondrae Thurman in to play with all of the bands.  Demondrae will also be guest conducting the band, showing off more than just his amazing euphonium skills.  I am super excited about working with these guest artists this season.

Anyways, I will be making an effort to update the blog more frequently.  All you folks out there that have missed it…well, it’s back.  I will talk more about the deadness of summer, and the planning process for the brass band in other posts.