Two Weeks?

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Sometimes, I seem to get myself in to a position that only causes me to worry. Setting the schedule for the youth band for this season, this looked like a good plan, with enough rehearsals. Then I kicked the repertoire. Then changed it. Now the schedule did not look to have enough rehearsals to pull of the repertoire I chose. Tough, it’s already done. We played our last concert February 16, and then began to work on this concert. I think we allowed six or seven rehearsals to prepare, with another three to clean up some more for NABBA.

To be sure, we will be struggling to be ready for our show on March 24th. It won’t be perfect. However, tonight’s rehearsal really showed that the band will not take it lying down. We had our most intense rehearsal of the season and we cleaned up a lot of our music. Despite being under the weather, I pushed the band hard and moved quickly and it was a tough but great rehearsal. I can not begin to say how proud I am of the band this year. The bar is set really high, and the kids are doing their best to reach it. I bet they do….

Keep at it TYBB. You may end up even impressing me…

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