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Background: The set of instruments currently used by the TYBB was purchased for the Triangle Brass Band in 1986, making them over 25 years old. Funding came from Capitol Broadcasting Company and the AJ Fletcher Foundation, and the original name of the band was the WRAL British Brass Band. In 1997, the adult brass band bought new instruments and used the old set to form the youth band. In 2007, the youth band expanded to two bands, with the brass ensemble performing on trumpets and French horns (non traditional for a British brass band). The brass ensemble is now playing on traditional British instruments on loan from Connie Varner, while the youth brass band is playing on the original WRAL set of horns.


Project: The plan is to purchase a brand new matching set of brass band instruments for the youth brass band to perform on and to pass on the original set to the brass ensemble so we may return Ms. Varner’s instruments to her, accomplishing the goal of having all three bands playing on instruments we own, in the traditional British style. It is worth mentioning that monies collected above our stated goal will go directly towards instrument purchases for the youth band and brass ensemble.

Mission: The board of directors has set a goal of raising $50,000 towards the purchase of a new set of instruments. We are hoping to accomplish this goal by march 2012 and premiere them on a concert celebrating 25 years of brass banding in the triangle.

What we need: Here is the list of instruments we need to acquire: 1 Eb soprano cornet, 10 Bb cornets, 1 flugelhorn, 4 Eb tenor horns, 2 Bb baritones, 2 Bb euphoniums, 3 tenor trombones, 1 bass trombone, 2 Eb tubas, 2 BBb tubas

The more funding available will help us to purchase new horns to outfit the brass ensemble.

How to help:  Spread the word. Let people know that we are trying to raise funds and we could use their help. We are relying on generous donations and hope to get some grants and additional funding from corporations. If you work for a company that helps non profits or youth organizations, inquire about ways to connect us. Many companies have programs in place already for their employees. Donations from friends and family members will also be important. Also, if you have ideas for ways to help, or raise money, that we have not already thought of, let us know.

Ways to donate: There is a PDF donation form you can print out and mail in. You can also send it through our website ( using paypal.  We accept credit cards (visa and master card) and checks, and all donations are tax deductible. When using the website/paypal, Add special instruction: youth instrument fund

If you have any questions, you may contact me (, or you can contact the President of our Board of Directors, Connie Varner, who is very enthusiastic and willing to help.
Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at one of our concerts!!!

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