Grand Nationals

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The marching band season is finally over. I am in Indianapolis with the Cary Band at the BOA Nationals. We performed last night around 8 pm. Could not be happier with how the band played. We have progressed so much the past few weeks it is unreal. 5 weeks ago we could not play this show without many many timing tears. Each week got better, and we finally had a really strong run and held it all together.

Last year was my first at grand nats, and I still think its an awesome experience. The band looks so sweet on the field. The jumbo screen. The tunnel. The warm up area right next to the field. Hearing the sound of the band coming from the field.

We did not advance to semi finals, which is ok by me. It’s nice to move on, but it is enough to finish with a performance like we had. If was a long season but I really enjoyed working the brass line this year. Lots of young players to teach and some really good experienced players to help them. They showed their appreciation with a gift this weekend that was super nice. They are good kids and I will miss working with THIS line.

We got up super early Friday to go support panther creek HS band in their first grand nats performance. They were first band on which is a crummy time to draw. Such a big stadium to have a small crowd in. But we filled it up with 170 more for them and they did a good job.

Sanderson had a pretty good year and I enjoyed working with their brass again. I love that they play with great fundamentals and do so well despite their size. I look forward to working with these bands again.

On to brass band.

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