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Maybe it is time I resurrect the ole blog. It has been a while since I have been active on this, and it may be hard to explain why. I have not decided if I will or not at this point, but I hope to have things cleared enough in my head where I can post things with a level head.

The Triangle Brass Band website now has a blog on it, so that can’t be a place to check out info about the Pokies bands. I have to figure out how to link it to Facebook. I forgot how I’m did it for my own blog.

The brass band is up and running. Recruiting for the youth bands is up and running. Marching bands are up and running and I need more students, but the studio is up and running.

Football is back, which means UK is losing and the redskins may have hope. But at least basketball season is right around the corner.

More to come….

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