Jens Lindemann is my Hero

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I have been planning a BIG concert for March 18th for  almost two years.  It is a celebration of there the Triangle Brass organization has been and is going from it’s past 25 years to it’s next 25.  The concert features all three of our bands, past music directors Mike Votta, Brian Doyle, Robert Hunter, David Rockefeller, and David Reed.  The big deal was the World Premiere of a new commission from composer Martin Ellerby of a Cornet Concerto written for the Triangle Brass Band and Philip Smith (NY PHIL).  A couple weeks ago, sadly, Phil Smith had to cancel.  I am really sad that he is not able to be here to do this concert, as I was really looking forward to seeing this project through as planned.  It also put me scrambling to still do this.  As fate would have it, my friend and principal cornetist Lisa was just at a trumpet retreat with Jens and they talked about Jens coming to play with the band here.  Jens was free online pokies game here in 2004 to play wit the Youth Band and was awesome.  We had a blast.

So, my first phone call was to Jens, and after a couple weeks of negotiating and working out details, I can officially announce that Jens Lindemann will be our Guest Soloist Sunday March 18th, 2012.  He will perform the premiere of the Ellerby Cornet Concerto as well as Dreaming of a Master by Allan Gilliland (which he will be playing in Carnegie Hall in May).  So, I dodged a bullet here, thanks to Jens.  we can still pull off this big project in a fashion similar to what I had planned.  Several things will have to change, but this is going to be an amazing concert that you will not want to miss.

So, book your tickets from our website and plan to come see Jens Lindemann play with the Triangle Brass Band, as well as all three bands combined for a massed band of nearly 100 players.  And see why Jens Lindemann is my hero!!!!

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