Apple Does It Again

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When the iPad came out I started telling everyone that this was the future of college textbooks.  They will stop costing $200 and all become electronic and you could carry all of your book on the iPad and not have to be burdened with so many books.  Well, its here.  and so much more.  the new BOOKS app has the ability to have textbooks with really cool editing and note taking features for the iPad.  Not only this, but they released Book Author, which is an application for anyone to use to write their own textbook and get it into the bookstore.

The future is here.  These textbooks are going to be so much better than old school books.  They can hold media files such as videos and interactive pictures.  Students will be able to such a better picture about subject material with this technology.  It can be used with colleges, high schools, whatever.  Well, I am going to use this as my excuse to write my tuba book now.  I have to get a music software somewhere(for free) and record examples of playing the exercises and such, but this could be a really cool project.

If anyone has a copy of sibelius or finale or something…and can hook me up with it…Holla

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