Youth Band Clinic

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To add to my long weekend at Carolina Gold, Monday was our annual Youth band clinic day at UNC.  We worked all day with sectional clinicians and band rehearsals to prepare for our concert with James Jackson on February 4th.  This day is always a turning point for the band in our development each year.  a lot of time spent together working on the music and spending time bonding helps the band dig into the music in much more detail.  We always take a big leap forward after this day of rehearsals.  We have some really challenging music we are working on right now and the band is just about to peak on this music.  It is not there yet, but we are getting so close.

I recorded some video clips with Evan Feldman working with the band in our morning session.  I am so grateful to Evan and the Faculty at UNC (Jim Ketch and Andrew McAfee) for helping with sectionals and hosting us for the day.  I am also thankful to the other clinicians who gave up time to come work with the kids (Lisa Burn, Wes Parker, Tom Johnson, Andy Smith, Nate Campbell).  The kids really enjoyed working with you and I am grateful for the help and your sharing of talents.

So, if you want to hear the final product, come to our concert Saturday February 4th @ 8:00 PM, Meymandi Hall in Raleigh.  We welcome my good friend James Jackson, Principal Euphonium of the US Coast Guard Band, as he performs with the youth bands and gives a clinic at UNC for the bands and Low Brass Studio at UNC.

I am really excited for this concert, so come see it.

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