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I am taking on a new venture, and I have hopes that this time, my attempt at teaching a drum corps will be a better experience. The last time I tried this it was not pretty. I have a pretty good feeling about the people I am working with at Gold so far. They are very nice, funny, and seem easy to work with. Most important, they are all by dedicated to do the best they can to teach a good corps.

With the help of our brass arranger, Rob Stein, we put together an exercise packet for the brass players, which we will use as our fundamental ensemble building routine. I have been writing my version of a brass technique packet as a supplement to this, but it is not ready as of yet. I am excited to add some input from the visual caption head and to iron out a couple of other details, then it will be ready for distribution.

So, if you have anybody interest in marching with a drum and bugle corps, no matter what age, drop by our website and follow the links to the brass registration page. You can print out the packet, and be sure to fill out the form. I will e-mail out specific audition information within the next week or so to those that register.

It was interesting looking around the Internet for brass technique guides that other corps use. There seems to be one book and everyone has copied it, maybe adding some of their own stuff to it, maybe not, and throwing it out there on their letterhead. I wish I know who wrote the original version, just out of curiosity. I can imagine it was just easier to take the verbiage used keep it going. That is what I did, sort of. I changed a little more than most, it seems. Mostly for brevity and clarity. Some things are specific to things I talk about, and some things are simply to save time, which we will not have a lot of. All the years of teaching high school brass lines have taught me that there just is not a lot of time. Simplify everything and soften all exercises and lectures.

Gold is also unique in that it is made up of members of all ages. I think I will be ale to handle this as I have a lot of experience working with all ages, from high school on up through my work with the Triangle Brass Band and Youth band. I am looking forward to meeting the returning members and recruiting a bunch more to make up the line for the summer. It is looking like we will have a cool show, so I am excited to get things rolling.

Sadly, I won’t be able to be at the open house weekend due to prior commitments, so my first time at camp will be the January audition camp. This is when the stuff will start to jam.

So, if you have any interest. In marching a drum corps this summer, we have openings in all sections on the hornlike. We rehearse on weekends and perform on weekends as well. We don’t tour during the week, so you can keep your job during the summer. If you need more info from me, email me at

I am also in the planning stages of incorporating a brass camp to go along with the Gold Percussion and Guard camp. It will be a weekend event in the summer, and will be a great thing to send your students to before marching band camps to build a solid fundamental playing routine, and maybe take some things back to your schools. We may include a session for band directors to watch and learn some things hat are specific to training brass players to play on a football field. Look for more info about this in the spring.

So, come on out, join Carolina Gold. I can promise you a good time.