End of Season

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Well, the end of the season has arrived for one of the bands I work with. Sanderson finished up their marching season with a strong performance at Cary Band Day. The weather was very cold by southern standards making intonation a fall issue. We handled it ok but it was still not ideal. The band had a good show and won the 4A class and ended the season well. The kids had a rather good season. They won a grand champion once, won their class several times, and more importantly, worked really hard on a challenging show. Sanderson is a small band, only 52 winds, and rehearses only six hours a week. I like to think that they are proof that you can be successful in this activity without giving your entire life to it. You can provide a good experience in marching band, maintain a curricular band concurrently, and be good at it. The kids in the band deserve a lot of credit for working very hard and efficiently to make the most out of what they do.

Congratulations, Marching Spartans. Well Done.