The Big 4 – 0

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Saturday was my birthday. The big 40. I am officially old. While I am not big on celebrating birthdays and holidays, it was a good one. Actually, Facebook makes birthdays a little nicer as old friends contact you to wish you a happy birthday. Aside from that, my birthday celebration consisted of a really nice dinner with my uncle, a trip to the apple store and a marching band competition. Well, ok. I was working. But so what.

I am creating this post on he best birthday present ever, a new iPad. I thought I wouldn’t need one since I had an iPhone but I was wrong. This thing is amazing and I will find tons of things to use it for. I am enjoying spending time messing with it and getting it all set up.

Saturday was a long day. The big band competition of the season was at Sanderson which featured most of the really good bands in the state going head to head. Very exciting. I am working with three of the bands that were performing. Sanderson was performing in exhibition so I was available to warm them up after a long day of hosting responsibilities. They were really focused and the kids had the best run of the season. It was great because the stadium was packed and the kids got to play for a big crowd. Always fun.

There were two other bands I was working with there and they placed 1st and 3rd in the finals competition. It was a good day. I saw many people and saw some good bands and had a good time. That’s enough for a good birthday.