New Ticket Purchasing Deal…

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The Triangle Brass Band is now set up to use CrownTickets for our concerts this season.  We have been using Ticketmaster, but we are really impressed with the deal the CrownTickets has for their service.  So, starting with our December Holiday Pops concert, you will be able to pre-purchase tickets for a very reasonable fee, and have the tickets mailed directly to you.

Our next concert on November 18 is not using Crown Tickets, as the Cary Arts Center handles their own ticketing.  You can get tickets to that by following the links on our website.  

This is a pretty cool set up/partnership that I hope helps us out in the future.  It is really easy to use, and I hope our concert goers use it.  There will still be  plenty of tickets available at the door, as always.  

Our next concert, which will be in the new Cary Arts Center, is Saturday November 18th, and the program is going to tell the story of the United State’s journey to put a man on the moon.  I am trying out a new format for this concert, which may be the way I program for the future.  I am really excited to see what the collaboration with the Cary Players (local theater) as they help us come up with a good script narration and narrator to help us tell the story.  The idea is to keep the audience engaged in the production the entire time without having to wait for us to reset/rearrange/empty spit/drink water et… in between numbers, so the audience is actually taking the journey thorough words and music.  I am really excited to see how this works.

See you at one of our concerts!!!