Rise Up

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If you have not seen it yet, you should check it out. The show Rise Up on ESPN is great. I thow has been on all month but I just found out about it after getting cable recently.

The premise of the show is to go to a school that has terrible athletic facilities and fix them up. They get sports stars to help out and it really can make a difference for this kids. It is amazing to see how bad some of the school facilities are that they feature. We here in wake county have no idea about this sort of thing. All of our schools are well equipped and cared for an I don’t really know of any that are in desperate need of things. Some may not have all they want or need but its not a desperate situation. So seeing these places on the show is eye opening.

The show featuring Dorchester Academy in Boston was fascination. They brought in a track star to talk to the track team because they practice in the hallways of the school. They actually win a lot of teak meets and are a talented team bit don’t even have women’s locker rooms to change in.

They fixed that. Built a weight room and equipped it as well. Lifted the fields so kids won’t get mugged walking home. Built a track and built the field so that they could work in it and be safe.

The leaders of the school seemed great. I saw zero evidence of a band program. I wonder if they even have one. And where would they even practice?

The work and materials were all donated by local business which is pretty sad that they even have to do that. Even still, it is awesome to see communities come together to do something for the Schools.

Check it out…