Band Competition Time

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The marching band competition season is under way here in NC. I was judging a show this past weekend and will judge again this weekend and that will do it for me for adjudicating this year (barring any last minute fill ins). I don’t mind judging, but I much prefer to be on the teaching side of things. I would rather go with the bands I teach to the competitions and be there while they perform. That’s so much more fun, and it helps the kids get more out of the experience. They want the people who help them get there to be at the shows to see the results.

Based on what I judged Saturday, I was really impressed with the overall design of shows. Drill writers are getting very good at making sure the right people are in the right places at the right times. It was also good to see some bands that are not usually on my radar screen because I am not in their part of the state. Seeing bands like Providence and Hickory Ridge was really neat, s they were really good.

I did, however, have to miss being with the bands I work with. Sanderson had a bad go of it for their first show, and it was not fun to hear about it. The kids are working really hard and I hope they can get it together when it counts soon. Their rehearsals are very productive, so I hope it can transfer to the shows. Cary had a really good show and won some gear, but did not win music. it is understandable, as we have been really working at getting the show on the field, and not so much at cleaning things up a whole lot. We should be able to make some headway in the music scores now, hopefully this week as they have a bother show this weekend.

So much work goes into the marching band competition season. We are already at over two months of prep work for some groups. It is now time to get really busy and get these things super clean for performances.