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The NC Legislature passed a motion to put banning same sex marriages in North Carolina up as an amendment to our state constitution in the next primary election.  Yep, add us to the list.  However, this could be an opportunity to end this forever, by voting against it.  It seems that most people that I know think we have evolved enough to where we should allow same sex unions.  So, where are all of these people when it comes time to put our money where pour mouths are (shhhhhh). 

I am not a fan of the discriminatory practices and advantages that married people get from the government.  I am actually for banning ALL marriages as far as the government is concerned.  The government should not make any special considerations or recognitions for combining couples.  then it becomes mostly a religious battle, and you can choose to be in a religion that allows same sex unions.  

As for legal rights to estates and such things, you should be allowed to appoint anyone you wish, man or woman.  Same or different.  It just doesn’t matter anymore.  Appoint who you want to have the legal rights to you.  I will always be single, and we are the group of people,really getting screwed by all of this marriage crap, but fair is fair, if you are going to allow people to get married, then you have to allow if for EVERYONE.  And it is completely un-necessary to make a constitutional amendment saying you can not do it.  Our legislature can be working on more important things than this…