Summer Ends

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Well, 5 weeks of teaching brass at marching bands in the area is finally over.  I am so grateful to have the work and to work with the kids.  Summers are pretty dry in the employment department.  Now that I have a few days to breath before the real heavy stuff begins, I will try to get all the last minute details worked out  for the brass band season and school starting up.

I am also going to dedicate plenty of time to put up blog posts regularly. I have been pretty lame about that but I will get back to it.

I now have my lessons schedule up for the fall semester, so you can sign up for lessons if you are into that sort of thing.  It took a while to work it around all of the bands I am trying to work with, but it should be OK.  Maybe a little tight until November, but I will do the best I can to get to all that wish to get help.

Brass band starts rehearsals next week, and I am really excited about it going into my fourth year.  Beginnings make you nervous, and a little anxious, and the opportunity to start over, or fresh, is so neat.  It is scary, and challenging.  I started with a new marching band this year, and that was a little strange, and with the changes to the brass band, it is really exciting to see where we will go from here.  I have such a bright outlook on this season that I almost can not wait to get started.  But I can because I am not ready yet.  I will hope to be ready to go by the end of the weekend.

Our fairly new Personnel Manager is doing a great job and is helping me a ton, and saving me a lot of time dealing with that stuff.  We will have great music to play, and some really challenging stuff.  It will be a fantastic year.