Band camp time

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I am now one full week into a stretch of five weeks of teaching brass sectionals with high school marching bands. Today was a good day. I think the hornline hit it’s stride today and maybe started to lock in. It’s a small section, just over twenty brass, but should be pretty decent once it is all learned. Intonation is our biggest foe this year. I thinks I will be doing a lot of tuning stuff with them. They really have a solid foundation on lip slurs. I guess three years of that crap from me has payed off in that regard. They are already phrasing pretty well because they know what do do already. Its nice when things carry over from year to year.

Smaller groups are at such a disadvantage In this activity. Projecting sound is tough outside and trying to match up with bands that have double the numbers is tricky. This group will try to compensate by being prepared early and cleaning a lot. Organizationally, this band had it together. The entire show will be on the field definitely before classes start aug. 25. With a solid month of cleaning we should be ready for a good performance season. Its a good thing we have things together, too. This band rehearses less than any band when classes are in session. Only six hours a week.

So, Sanderson HS brass are off to a good start. Here is a video or two to see where they are after five days of rehearsal.

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