Summer Yet?

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Its been really hot this week and it is not officially summer yet. I am happy that there will be no more cold weather for a long time. I hate the cold. While the humidity and heat are annoying, it sure beats the cold. School is almost out for the summer and my schedule looks to officially slow down for a few weeks. I can not wait.

Lessons look to be slow this summer so I will not have money for anything this summer. Oh well. This summer can not be nearly as bad as last summer. I hope to make some headway on many things this summer. Mostly in the organization and operation of the brass bands. I can do a much better job than I did this year. I can be full of excuses but I just did not do very well. at least not as well as I planned to. I will fix this over the summer so next season will be great.

I have so many things to work on personally that it is overwhelming. Not watching tv this summer should help we focus on those things as well.

I hope I get lucky and plans work out for next year. Could be a good brass band year if it does work out. What I do know, is that we need money very badly. Our immediate need is for general operational funds for the organization. In the fall we will really need money for the instrument fund. Of you have sole spare coins laying around. Send it to the brass band.