DeMatha Band

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NY Times has an article about the band and retiring band director at DeMatha high school outside Washington DC.  I grew up near there and had friends that went to DeMatha to play in the band.  At band festival every year, DeMatha was one of the two bands you just had to listen to because they were always so awesome.    It’s great to see this kind of coverage for music education.  There needs to be more of it.  Band does way more good than most people think, and sadly, does not get the credit it deserves.  DeMatha is a refreshing program to look at because it is just a music program.  There is no marching band.  The only way you can experience music there is to create it in the environment that is best for making music.  Sitting down, reading music.  Marching band has it’s place and is important, but I still wish there was far more emphasis on the creating of art, than on the production of shows.  Read this wonderful article and watch the video. Bonus video of Wynton doing what he does best…talking about art and jazz and explaining it really well.