Slow Weekend

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This is graduation weekend and for the first time in forever, I was not hired to play one graduation.  I need the money, but am happy to not have to do it.

I hate cutting grass.  My yard sucks.  Big hills and a lot of grass to cut.  My riding lawn mower does not work, so its all done by push mower.  I can do about 45 minutes before my allergies are so uncomfortable I have to stop.  It takes about an hour and a half to cut the lawn.  What a waste of time.

The NC Theater needed a prop tuba for their production of Hello Dolly which is running right now.  I was asked if I had one and I said I would see.  Turned out the Brass Band has a bib tuba that hasn’t been played in years so I let them use it.  They offered me tickets to see the show.  The  I find out that Cybil Shepherd is the lead.  Heck yeah…she is awesome.  So I am super excited to see this show.  Lisa, Rachel, Philip and I go to this sushi place a few blocks from the hall that was really good before the show.  Everything they have on the menu is complicated.  It was not easy to order just steak and rice…but when we got it figured out…man, it was so good.  Upon arrival to the show, we find out Cybil Shepherd is not appearing.  MAAAN.  This sucks.  I loved her since the 80’s when she was in Moonlighting with Bruce Willis.  That was a funny show which no one remembers, sadly.  What a disappointment.  The replacement was very good.  Only in a couple places did her voice and stamina show itself, but she was really good.  All of the roles where done so well.  The standout to me was the Mrs. Malloy role.  She was simply stunning with  such a great voice.  It was so nice to see a how where everyone could sing in tune.  The chorus was just powerful.  It was really funny to realize that the jokes in there are so time centered in our culture.  The show is what 50, 60 years old, and it surely showed.   At any rate, all the players I knew in the pit did an awesome job.  It was a fun night out.

I am still trying to figure out where to go next with panning next season for the brass band.  We may be looking at a very different season than the past three.

Imagine Christmas and Easter if you are not Christian, Valentine’s Day without a Valentine, fourth of July if you are not American, Labor Day if you don’t have a job and Halloween if you aren’t a goblin.  How about Mother’s day without a Mother.  Worst of them all.  make sure you send Mother’s day wishes to the Mothers no longer with us.  That may be the worst part of being a Mother…. and child.