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It’s Sunday morning, Easter morning.  I have Mahler’s Second on the iTunes, waiting for Rackley tog et ready so we can go to Duke Chapel for our gig.    Easter at Duke is always a good experience that I look forward to every year.  I don’t play Sunday mornings very often, but it is good to do this one.  It has been a very busy week, even though it was spring break for the students.    I taught some lessons, had a Mendelsohnn’s Elijah rehearsal and a youth band rehearsal.  I have been spending most of my spare time working on organizing Triangle Brass things.  I am nearing the end of my third year, and I feel it is time to dig into the next phase of making the organization efficient and better.

With  a board meeting a few weeks away, I have many things to prepare.  There is a survey for the band that is about ready to go out that will be a great help in setting up planning for the future.  Most of the planning for next season will happen in May.  I met with Jonathan about Personnel Manager things and we are working to get him more involved in a system that is very user friendly.    Jesse and I worked in the Library yesterday for many hours and are closer to getting that exactly how he wants.  We are consolidating file cabinet space and looking to move out songs we will never play from our library.  At least they will be out of the drawers to create more space.

Off to the gig…