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Saturday was a day not so ordinary. I was up in wake forest helping a buddy get his website and email organized and set up. I knew it was going to rain but did not know it was going to be like what happened. In the afternoon, while out on the covered back porch working on the laptop, it got rainy and windy then started to hail so I put my truck in the garage. At that same exact time there was a tornado touching down about eight miles away. The devastation left was insane. That tornado cell killed a Lowes warehouse in Sanford, ripped up stuff in holly springs, tore up stuff in downtown Raleigh, including breaking out windows at the progress energy center, then wiped out a mobile home park just outside the beltline before hitting near wake forest. Wral tv even went off air for a bit because of it. Reports say 62 tornadoes hit NC and just destroyed things. Unbelievable. Instant war.

I remember a trip I took in 1988 to visit Raleigh in high school which was just after the last big tornado strike here. I saw the infamous Kmart that was destroyed as well as some houses that were totaled in a friends neighborhood. In the way he we could see forests along the highway that were demolished from it. Insane. Don’t mess with tornadoes. They are badasses.

I am glad that the people I know are ok, despite some having a lot of cleanup. It’s a nice day to work outside. Now.

Not a good way to make national news.