Arts Funding

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One of the best short talks about why arts funding is important:

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Definitely makes some great arguments for what the arts do for us as a society.  It is strange that the people in charge do not see the benefit to the local economies that the arts provide.  So much enjoyment comes out of the arts, it really does beg the questions…why not spend our money on it?  Not really sure why we can throw away the arts so easily, yet we allow the NFL to play their stupid labor games over BILLIONS of dollars and still allow all of the exemptions to the sports league that allows them to make all that money.  Favorable anti-trust laws and stadiums built with public tax money make it possible for these schmucks to make millions, rather than support all of their business with their own money.  Yet we will cut the NEA and PBS, spending which is not even a billion dollars, and allow these bozos to whine of their 9 BILLION.

Here’s an idea…that that billion dollars the owners want, and use that to fund the arts!!!