Tour Concert 1

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We are on the road headed to Columbus now. We should arrive ahead of schedule. It’s been a long day but a good one.

Phone call

Check out from the hotel was smooth and easy. The bus ride was smooth and easy. Sometimes I amaze even myself that we can make travel times work. We were early to the high school and we are now way early to the hotel in Dublin.

The concert was a good show. The bands played well under the circumstances and it gave us a good opportunity to knock out some kinks before the festival tomorrow. The kids are doing a fantastic job traveling and getting things done when they are supposed to. The chaperones are doing a great job keeping everything together and mr Lombana is keeping every one entertained.

Thank you to Todd Tucker and the Alter high school for hosting us. I know it was a lot of work but we are grateful for all you did for us. Thanks Todd.

Today was not my birthday, it was April fools day and I changed my Facebook birthday to fool the kids in the band. It worked. They sang happy birthday to me on the bus. They are so gullible. Sorry that all of the posts wishing me a happy birthday didn’t count. I promise you I am most grateful for the kind wishes (and I am sorry I deleted your posts when you tried to expose me). Trust me when I say it had to be done. It was just a small prank that served its purpose.

We are about a the hotel. Check in and sleepy time follow. More posted tomorrow when I hope to be able to watch things and post pics and videos.