Food Tolerance

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Well, it looks like we may have found out what is causing me to not only lose weight, but to gain weight, recently.  The Dr. took a food tolerance test and in true Tony fashion, I failed it, miserably.  The bad news, is I have a severe intolerance for cocoa, which is bad because that is about all my diet is.  I drink chocolate protein shakes…I should say, I used to.  Apparently, I have an abnormally long list of intolerant foods, so its now on to avoiding these things to see if I can lose more weight.  Here is a glimpse at what I am looking at here.

Click here for a list of foods I have to avoid for at least six months.  I may be going off of the protein shakes plan because sunflower is on the mild list, and is in all of their products, but in small amounts.  So I may be switching to all regular foods and dealing with cooking and portion sizes and such.  I think I am ready for that.