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Neglect. That’s what I am up to. It has been a week since the youth band concert and Terry Everson’s visit and since I updated the blog. So, what happened? Let’s see if I can remember.

Monday was youth band rehearsal and we started in on some new music. Some tour stuff and the Purcell variations which we will do in may. I was surprised but the kids read it really well. It is a very tough tune for a group of this age and will be a great challenge, and I was pleasantly surprised at how we started out on it.

Tuesday consisted of lessons, gym and doctor appointment where we are trying to figure out why I am not losing weight. Took blood for food allergies test. Should know this week if it found anything.

Wednesday I was at a school doing sectionals all day and then brass band rehearsal. Band is making progress on out next program and I love the music we are playing right now. Someone knows how to pick’em. After rehearsal I stole to the other side of the county for a surprise dinner for Lisa thrown by her mom and produced by Renee. It was a late night but was good to be there. Good people.

Thursday I was sick all morning but managed to get through my lessons including recording a kid for some auditions to summer camps. Friday I was even sicker and stayed that way until Sunday. I don’t feel great now but I am done hibernating.

Had some students wrapping up some college auditions this weekend and they seemed happy with it. this is a big year for me with the college auditions. I have four tuba students and a euphonium student all looking right now. Maybe more. I can’t remember right now. I am really good at prepping kids for college and I think they have all been accepted where they wanted. I can go into it later when it all is final. I will say, it is rare when someone does not get in where the audition. I may have a 98% placement rating. I am really proud to help these kids attain their goals and have options. College is getting tougher and tougher to get into these days. Glad I don’t have to.