Bugler's Story

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This is a great segment from The Story on NPR, with US Army Trumpeter Woody English.  A member of “Pershing’s Own”, English was the bugler for Ronald Reagan’s funeral, which was covered on TV.  The segment talks about the origins of Taps and includes the most infamous Taps of all, played for the funeral of John F. Kennedy after his assassination. That day in November was very cold, and the bugler was outside for hours waiting, and cracked the the 6th note (this segment plays a recording of that).  Very symbolic, if not nothing else.  They also talk about the issue with so many veterans of world war two passing on, and not having enough buglers to play Taps at all of the funerals.

I have many friends in the military bands in Washington DC.  I can only image how proud they must be to be able to honor our servicemen and heros at the time of their passing.  This is their job.  Maybe its not the greatest musical experience ever, but what an honor to be there for that.

The Story is worth reading and listening to.  For the full deal, click here…