The Light at the End…

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Does it exist?  I can not see it right now, and when I do see it, as I get closer, it gets farther away.  It’s like a dog chasing his tail.  I went through a long to do list last week, spending several days poking away at it.  It appears I have not made much of a dent in it.  It looks like I will need to spend the next two days working on it and hope to get half way through it.

I had plans to go to DC on Thursday for the Army Band Tuba Conference, but I need to push it back to Friday now.  I just have to get more things squared away before I ignore things for the weekend.  I have never attempted to go to DC on Thursday of the conference before, and this is not going to be my  year.  Usually, when I have this much on my mind, and a to do list that is this long, I can’t sleep.  Combating that right now with some Sky and Vodka.  Diet Cranberry ha 5 calories per serving and Sky has 70 calories per serving.  My drink is probably about 200 calories ( I like ’em strong) making my calorie count for the day around 1300.  I don’t drink much (anymore), and not counting new years eve, this is the first drink in well over a year.

This weight loss program is costly.  It is hurting me in the wallet, big time.  Definitely making sacrifices in the present to atone for sins of the past.  Aside from a Blue Ray player and DCI dvd, a new iPhone, and noise canceling headphones, I have not really indulged in any luxuries.  all of my money goes to the program and the gym.  It doesn’t help that gigs are at an all time low, and even my studio is at the lowest numbers in years.  It’s a perfect storm.  It’s time to tighten up even more.  Cable is going away at the end of this billing cycle.  No biggie, football season is over, so who cares.  Nothing to watch anyways.  Gotta find other ways to streamline things, and to make some more cash.

OK, starting to feel it, so I gotta wrap it up.  The last piece of the puzzle fell into place tonight for the youth band tour to Ohio.  Concert in Dayton and Columbus.  Gotta get that tour planned out now.  Very much looking forward to it.  Gonna go to sleep now.  Hope to not see you at 4 AM.

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