Trash Talk

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The NFL is cracking me up right now.  The Jets are really mouthing it up and so are the Ravens.  This is hilarious.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Cromartie.  Your take on Brady is PRICELESS (he is going to shred you for it this weekend, but I love it).  All this trash talk makes these games all the more interesting.  I feel that the talkers will lose and next week will be calm and quiet as the two biggies, the Pats and Steelers, who are used to being in this place in January, will shut up and play, and see who wins.  Its too bad, I kinda wanna see Brady flick Big Ben on his broken nose.  Boing?!?!?!  Man, trash talkin is fun.  MORE.  More.  Its football.  cant be taken toooooo seriously, can it?