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I am in a lull between lessons right now. Rather productive day so far. Taught several lessons, went to gym, and worked in brass band administrative things. The last probably added more work to the pile but there were things needed to get done and a ton more to do. Before I go to bed tonight I need to do some work in the kitchen to clean and organize. The table had a bunch of crap on it that will most likely go in the trash, but by the end of the night I should be down to just needing to clean and organizing the closets. And since that can wait until summer it probably will but I want to get it over with and done so maybe I can get it in this weekend.

The brass band board meets this weekend and I am looking forward to getting back on track with them after some distractions. January will be busy with tons of administrative stuff for the band and planning. Not only for the remainder of this season but into next as well. It doesn’t end. I like it. New stuff to do and create.