New Years Resolution

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I am sitting here watching college football and relaxing a
bit before it gets busy again. I am in a good mood which is
strange. Maybe it is because this is the first day in a month I am
not freezing my buns off. So, while I am not on a negative mood, I
will put out my resolutions for the year, or week, whichever lasts

First, of course, is to continue with weight loss. However,
I am going to increase my physical activity at the gym with more
cardio sessions more frequently. I will see my trainer every day
possible and do cardio as well.

Second, I am going to spend two
hours a day with my tubas every weekday. I am going to get good at
the tuba again.

Third, I am going to work even harder with all aspects of the brass band to make it even more successful.

Looking forward to a good year that is better than last year. It needs to be.