One Year

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So, today is the one year mark.  last year, today (well, it was a Friday, but the dates was Dec. 4th) I started my weight loss adventure.  Big picture wise, I made a lot of progress, and have lost 133 pounds total, which is a huge loss.  lately I have not been very motivated, and I have to get back into it.  So today is as good a day as any to really push myself to keep going forward.  I guess it is no coincidence that keeping off of the blog, and losing weight slowly, too slowly, went hand in hand.  There are many reasons I have not been going public the last few months, but I should just get over those things and get it out there anyways.  So, I am re-dedicating myself to  posting regularly again, with hopes that it will help keep my motivated and on track.

So, everyone do me a favor…  Go out and have a few for me tonight!!!!

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