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Yep, I am still in fail mode with getting back to regular updates here on the blog.  The last two weeks have been filled with marching band, getting the bands ready for the competition season and starting it up.  With three bands, its been a challenge to fit it all in.  I think the rest of the month will be lighter than the past two weeks in terms of rehearsals with bands, but there are three weekend trips to big competitions I will be going on.  Jacksonville, AL, Cullowhee, NC and Atlanta, GA.

I am staying strong on the weight loss, with a four pound loss last week.  It is still a slow time period, continued over the past couple months.  My arm is still not healed, but it is better, and i hope to getting back to full workouts in a couple weeks. I think conducting is not helping.

Might take a while to figure out what kind of drugs the Wakefield panel was on Saturday night, because they blew it is several areas.  They must have all been in the press box with the windows closed.  It really sucks that music carries so little value with in this activity sometimes.  On top of that, despite the fact that bands played out of class size, SIZE still matters more than achievement.  This panel was supposed to be above that, but certainly was not.  The more you know in this activity, the more you don’t know.  Sometimes I wonder if this thing is even attached the MUSIC education.

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