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Overwhelmed?  not quite yet.  But I am consumed.  Marching band is eating up some time.  I can hardly believe the brass band already had a concert this season.  it seems like a blur, things are going by so fast.  There is a long list of things in the pile to catch up on in the blog here, which I hope to get to this weekend, and then get back on a regular posting schedule.  I am hitting three marching bands a week as the competition season begins this tomorrow.  I will be at Panther Creek to see all of the wake county bands that I can, and hopefully to recruit for the youth brass bands.  I am glad that it is payoff time for all of the hard work these kids have been putting in.  It really has been a brutal season as far as the heat goes for marching band.  I don’t think there has been more then three rehearsals not in the 90’s all season.  Stay tuned…

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