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So, I am trying to get my iPhone app to work with the blog, and it is malfunctioning, which is a good thing, because i was able to recover some posts that were lost.  I will put them in a couple posts here, but don’t feel the need to read them.  it’s just stuff from several months ago.

June 17-  Downtown LA

Yesterday was a fun excersion to downtown LA. It was Su day so I guessed that traffic would be rather light. It stopped up on the freeway going into downtown. We drove around downtown past the big hotels, Pershing park, Disney Hall, city hall, then out Wilshire. The property that housed te Ambassador hotel is being turned into a high school that looks awesome. We then trucked up to 7000 Romaine st. To see the building that Howard Hughes owned and would lock himself in to. Then up to sunset and over to UCLA to see the campus. The drive home took 25 minutes with no traffic delays on the 405. However, the northbound lane was backed up from north of Sunset all the way to the airport some 15 miles away. Yuck.

June 13- Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, More Hermosa Beach

Here are some more pics from hermosa beach pier thiswas the first appearanc of the Goodyear blimp.

Two days ago my walk was done at Redondo beach. It is the southern most part of the bay stretching to Palo Verdes. The waves were very big.

Yesterday I spent time on the strand at hermosa beach, mostly at the pier, which might be my favorite place out here so far. Here was a big screen set up to watch the USA soccer game, beach vollyball games, surfers, blimps, planes, helicopters, and then lunch with Nina, Miguel, olivia and max at manhattan beach.

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