Allen Vizzutti Visit

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This weekend is really cool one. Trumpet soloist Allen Vizzutti is here to play with the Triangle Brass Band and to do some clinics. He came in Thursday, and I had dinner with him after my clinic duties were complete. Friday we met Travis (Yamaha rep) for lunch and then had rehearsal with TBB in the evening. The rehearsal went very well and things went together easily. Saturday afternoon was the clinic with the Youth Band which was really good. Several lids played for Vizzutti and everyone seemed to get something out of it, especially hearing him play some. Amazing!!!

The concert Saturday night was spectacular. First, the audience was the largest the TBB has ever seen at one of our concerts. It was so nice to play for such an enthusiastic audience. The band sounded fantastic and backed up Vizzutti very well. I didn’t do too many things to mess it up, either. Of course, the crowd went nuts for Vizzutti. He is a stunningly good performer. Doesn’t even break a sweat. Super cool. I am so lucky to have had this go the way it did, and very pleased. You plan for it, but you can only hope it comes together so nicely. Spending time to get to know Allen has been a treat for me, and one of the best parts of this gig. I will not forget this.

Here is a picture from the clinic:

Here is a picture of Allen and me right after the concert:

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