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Lately, I have been mostly blogging about about the weight loss, and I bet you are sick of it.  I have actually not been blogging much because so much is going on and I am maxing out my laziness factor with doing so much.  Two weekends ago was the Platinum Drum corps camp that I taught all weekend.  Then on Monday we had our annual youth brass band all day clinic rehearsals on ML King Day.  Then all hell broke lose.  Dave L. came down with a pinched nerve or something in his back and I was called to play the week with the symphony.  So, on top of a busy week of teaching lessons, I played seven services with the orchestra, which was AWESOME.  I played on Dvorak 8 and Les Preludes and we did two concerts in Raleigh and one in Chapel Hill.  This is the first time I have actually subbed a full week subscription series with the orchestra.  I  have played subscription series concerts before, but only as an extra on Also Sprach, Rite of Spring and Sym. Fant.  So, for over ten years, Dave has not missed a subscription concert.  Thats, Brett Favre-ian and Cal Ripken-ian like stats if you ask me.  At any rate, I really enjoyed my week with the orchestra, and thought it went pretty well.

I did take the Roanoke Symphony audition yesterday.  I have not take an audition since Ft. Worth many years ago, so I wanted to get back in and see what it was like.  It was fairly close, and an easy list.  I admit I did not prepare for this audition like I normally would for an audition, but never the less, I feel I played pretty well.  I did not advance, which is no surprise.  Some monster players there.  Good to see McCaslin there and I met Chris Blaha, who is the newest tuba professor in NC, and liked meeting him.  He was very nice to me.  Best part of the day was seeing Jesse advance for the first time in a trombone audition.  He had to crash the audition, and made it past the first round.  Let it be a lesson…just because you don’t have tons of experience on your resume, it does not mean you have no talent.  Give it a shot anyways.  Congrats to Jesse.  Also, congrats to Brian Kiser for winning the job.  Had I not had to stay for Jesse, I would not have seen him there, and got a chance to catch up.  Super guy, great player.  Way to go.

While the youth bands are hard at it getting ready for Scott Hartman’s visit in a few weeks, the Triangle Brass Band is on a short break.   We resume rehearsals next Wednesday and start to dig in to our music for Allen Vizzutti’s visit with us.  It is going to be a busy couple of months.  Hold on to your hats!!!

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