LA pt 1

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I am on the plane and there is another hour and a half to the flight. I am definitely tired of being on this plane. I pulled out the ole iPhone to tell about the trip so far. I did not sleep last night so I wouldn’t miss my soooo early flight. No issues there except I am tired, hungry and almost cranky. Security stole my brand new tube of toothpaste. Such bullcrap. First time ever I run into someone I know at the airport. First I talk to Doug Finan who was a band parent for a band I used to work with and he taught leadership to us. Then the weird part… On my flight to Midway there are two people I know. Forgione and Kathy S. from brass band. We all split up and went our separate ways from Midway but it was still strange seeing friendly faces in airport.

I am listening to my ancient iPod. Listened to a bunch of broadway stuff as I slept some. John Williams is on now. I should get to LA around 11 am local time and lunch has to be first thing. I am hungary.

Enjoy some in flight pics.

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