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I cut the grass this evening, hoping to get it in before a thunderstorm rolled through.  Got nearly the whole thing done and was working on the back yard when I hit a hidden stump that stopped me in my tracks, dead.  Long story short, the riding lawnmower is relegated to a riding toy now, as the belt drive burns up when you engage the blade drive.  I must have bent the whole cutting platform brace or something and it has the thing out of alignment.  This is going to have to be fixed, yet again.  So far, I have cut the grass with this machine three times, and it is up for its second repair.  I will not be able to afford cutting the grass at this rate.  Summer is the worst time to have to have these expenses.  I really am starting to think that I should not be in the grass cutting business at all.  It is nothing but misery for me.  My allergies react horribly from this action, and I am pretty much useless the rest of the evening now. This is so stupid.

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