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Last night was the first Summer Pops concert in Cary for the Triangle Brass Band.  We are working on building a strong relationship with the Town of Cary and they are very supportive of our band.  The Town of cary is supporting us with grants and we hope to build more on this in the future.  The TBB is playing two more concerts at Bond Park this summer, for a total of three concerts.  If the next two are like the one we just did, it would have been a great summer for us.

We played music from the movies, with lots of John Williams stuff.  The band played really well, especially for only three rehearsals, and the trickiest tune, Carousel, went very well.  There are so many transitions in Carousel that can make it tough to execute flawlessly, but we managed it quite well.  I couldn’t be happier with how the band played.  Good Stuff!!!

Even better, was the audience.  We filled up Bond Park’s little amphitheater.  The seating section was full, and people were sitting in lawn chairs up into the woods.  Its always more fun to play for a large, enthusiastic audience, and I am sure the players appreciate it.  The band doesn’t make any money on these concerts, but hopefully it will pay off in other ways, in the future.  Best of all, we had a successful event, with an audience, and sounded really good.  Good Stuff!!!

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