TBB Concert- May

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I have to admit, I needed a cooling off period from this one. The last concert in our classical concert series was almost a month ago. I have learned a lot this past year with TBB. The concert we just performed was a fairly interesting one. We played some OLD music like Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna, Royal Fireworks, Egmont Overture, Henry the V, Purcell Variations, and the Haydn Trumpet Concerto with NC Symphony Principal Trumpeter Paul Randall. The band was very well prepared, and sounded freaking great. The band has made a lot of progress in the last year and musically this may have been one of the best shows in a very long time. I could not be happier.

Except… no one heard it. The audience was so small, and it was a lot frustrating to put so much work into something and for it not to pay off. I am still at a loss as to why we did so poorly. Crap shoot Sundays? Mediocre weather? We had more PR for this concert than we ever have. We had a locally well known soloist. The band sounded great. It was just a huge disappointment for me, as building an audience was something I really worked on. I started a website to promote band concerts in NC that gets over 100 hits a day, which still surprises me. I programmed interesting soloists and music, and we worked at spreading the word for our concerts. Obviously, there is still much to do.

Sometimes I wish we were a brass ORCHESTRA and not a brass BAND. Maybe people would come out for that? Next year we will work harder for this.

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