Busy weeks

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This is a really busy week, but I am pretty excited about some things. The TBB has its annual general meeting and we will be electing a new board of directors. For the first time, the BOD will not be an operations committee of band members struggling to keep the band running. We are electing community leaders to act as a supporting agent and fund raising agent for the band so we can improve on everything we do in the future. The group of people slated to join this board is really nice, and I think they will be able to take the band in places not even thought about as of yet.

This weekend we play our last concert of the regular season, and I am really excited to have Paul Randall to play the Haydn Trumpet Concerto with us. I have been amazed with Paul’s playing since the first time I heard him play and am so happy to have him share the stage with us. The music on this concert is a little strange for a brass band concert, but I like doing things a little different.

Next week, the youth bands perform with guest Philip Sparke. man there is some cool brass stuff going down here.

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