Nice Day

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Today I got to take care of some errands. I took my truck in for an oil change and state vehicle inspection (due in January…oops) and enjoyed some time sitting outside in the nice air. I actually wrote a post for the blog, but somehow it did not make it up and was deleted. The iPhone app for the blog here is not so hot. Anyways, it was nice to sit for a bit and think about things. I went to Sears to see if they had tractor keys to replace the one I lost. Score. They had push mowers there and I got the cheapest one, $149 on sale. They guy brings out one that was used once and I got it for $119. Score. Now I have to get some gas and oil and I am set to cut grass tomorrow and set my allergies into overdrive yet again.

I have lessons the rest of the day, and I need to practice the tuba some. TBB went really well last night. I recorded the rehearsal so I have to watch and analyze my conducting in that. Fun… not!!! I do not want to be the thing that holds them back, so I will work on it. Everything I do for that band is only to make it better, for everyone. I hope they realize this.

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