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The youth brass bands had their last rehearsal before the NABBA trip this weekend.  Things are pulling together fairly well.  The TYBE hemorrhaged players for this trip, and the main problem for them is that all the parts are not going to be covered. I still hope that the kids have a great experience, and I think they will. The TYBB is in good shape. We have a really nice moment happening in the English Suite that should produce some goose bumps this weekend. Well, maybe only for me, for only eight rehearsals, we are OK.

I am out of the tourney pool. I tried to play the game so I could win, but it did not work out so well because Oklahoma got creamed by Carolina. Oh Well!!! On the flip side, UK fired Gillespie and will most likely end up with Calipari as the next coach which is a good fit. I have decided that I don’t care what happens at UK anymore, as long as they just WIN. Cal, BG, Tubby, who cares. Joust do your job and win. There is no reason for not winning at that place. NONE.

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