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So the school budget is going to be discussed wit the public. Whoopdeedoo. What good will tat do? Oh, we can make sacrifices because we are in such troubled times. Larger classes. Don’t renew expired contracts. Ask people to not use coffee pots to save energy. Pahaaaaw. Seriously? How about stop spending millions on diesel fuel, and accept the fact that we will survive as a society if we all went to schools near our homes. I was at Garner HS yesterday. I am not kidding you, when I had to wait for more than 30, yes 30 yellow taxis left the parking lot. 30 buses, most carrying 44 kids, making over 1,000 kids being bussed to that school. Thats half of the school, population, maybe more. This is really necessary?

I think it is silly to think that we can weather this budget crunch by asking teachers to not heat their lunch in a microwave or make coffee at school. That is plain stupid, as that is not where the big energy costs lie. WCPSS should get real about these issues, and cut the real wasteful spending. I am against vouchers, and I think that public education is something we should invest in, but I hate that it is used as social experiments and the resources are so grossly mis-managed and used. Public school administrations are making the case for private school education every day with their piss poor managing.

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