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Live music is important.  Live symphonic music is important. It is important for music students to attend live symphonic music performances. Music educators have an obligation to aggressively promote and encourage their students to attend live symphonic music performances. I am going to get into this topic a little more very soon. Right now, I am not sure how the local groups are going to survive if people do not start attending performances. Arts groups are especially susceptible to annihilation in turbulent economic times. The premier organizations in the RDU area are in big trouble financially, and the smaller ones are in moderate trouble. There is one demographic of potential audiences that can save TBB, TYBB, TWE, and a host of other organizations. That demographic is students of music in the high schools and middle schools. They may not necessarily know that they want to go to a concert, but they do. All it takes is for someone to TELL them about it, and drive home the point as to why it is important to them. My plea, is to tell students about concerts, and get them to go. More on this issue…

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